Control your weight

Weight control is an important part of maintaining a good physical condition. Excessive weight will shift the body’s centre of gravity forward, which will increase the muscle burden on the lower back.

Reasonable weight is good for our health, and lightweight also has many disadvantages, mainly the reduction of bone mass, which increases the possibility of osteoporosis.

As for the range of weight control, we recommend a BMI index between 18-25.

A moderate and balanced diet is recommended. Sudden changes in diet and frequent fluctuations in weight will cause loss of muscle volume, body fat and bone density.

Lost muscle and lost fat can grow back, but the loss of the skeletal system is permanent. It takes a long time for to keto diet and aerobic exercise to recover. This change will greatly increase the risk of osteoporosis. And osteoporosis is a major hidden danger of spinal diseases.

Quit smoking

Smoking is very detrimental to our health. Nicotine in tobacco reduces blood flow to the intervertebral disc as a “pad” between the upper and lower vertebrae, which is very detrimental to our spine health.

Smoking can also reduce calcium absorption and inhibit bone formation, making smokers’ risk of pathological fractures doubled.

Therefore, smokers are more susceptible to low back pain. If you are a smoker, quitting smoking from now on will benefit you a lot and reduce the risk of low back pain.

Causes of spinal injuries

Acute injury

It is often caused by accidental trauma, such as sports injury, accident injury, etc., mainly causing joint capsule, articular cartilage, tendon, ligament, myofascial, skeletal muscle laceration or rupture injury and more serious disc herniation or rupture. If the diagnosis and treatment are timely, it is generally not easy to relapse after healing, but the recovery is not good, and it is easy to turn into a chronic injury.

Chronic injury

When the neck, back and waist area in a non-physiological position, under the effect of the following factors, such as the failure to cure in time due to acute injuries, long-term poor posture, excessive weight-bearing, and long-term out-of-range motion, it will cause the soft tissue accumulation of the neck, back and waist damage.

If it is spinal stenosis, vertebral body instability, spinal cord compression caused by intervertebral disc disease or neural channel stenosis, orthopaedic surgery and minimally invasive treatment are needed; if it is a soft tissue injury such as tendon sheath and ligament, you can consider orthopaedics, pain See a doctor.

If it is chronic spinal soft tissue injury, the pain rehabilitation department and physiotherapy department should be selected. Traditional methods such as massage, massage, small needle knife, etc. Among them, silver needle heat transfer combined with traditional Chinese and western medicine is very effective for pain of extra vertebral canal soft tissue.

Cold attack

This kind of pain is caused by qi and blood stasis caused by soft muscle tissue fascial spasm after cold and cold. Acupuncture and physical therapy are effective.

Immune system diseases

Pain caused by abnormal immune system function, such as ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis, soft tissue damage around the joints, early morning pain is obvious. The primary disease needs to be treated.

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