Fuji Keizai Announces Research Results for Health Tech and Health Solutions

Demand is expected to increase for corporate employee services

Health Tech / Health Solutions Market Survey Results

-2022 Market Forecast (vs. 2017)

■ Health Tech / Health Solutions-related Domestic Market ¥ 308.3 billion (up 50.0%)

-Increased demand for services and devices due to mandatory stress checks and promotion of health management-

  • Mental health services domestic market ¥ 17.6 billion (up 41.9%)

-EAP services to provide counseling for prevention and improvement of mental disorders will grow-

  • DTC (Direct to Consumer) Genetic Testing Service domestic market ¥ 5 billion (up 22.0%)

-Expecting to increase demand by providing health improvement solutions based on service usage results-

Fuji Keizai Co., Ltd. (Masao Kiyoguchi, President of Nihonbashi Kodenmacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo), a comprehensive marketing business, has developed a healthcare technology that uses mobile apps, AI, IoT, and other IT to more effectively advance healthcare. Focusing on health solutions that lead to the construction of a health PDCA and the transformation of user lifestyle habits through measurement, measurement, management, and analysis, and subsequent follow-up program proposals, increase awareness of work style reforms and health management at companies. We surveyed the market for related equipment and service solutions that are expected to expand in the background.

The results are summarized in “HealthTech & Health Solutions-Related Market Status and Future Outlook 2019”.

In this survey, we analyzed the current state of the market for 5 items of health management services, 12 items of health information measuring devices and treatment devices, 4 items of attention testing / medical examination services, and 6 items of health platform & lifestyle improvement support services, and analyzed the future. I expected.

<Summary of survey results>

■ Health Tech / Health Solutions-Related Domestic Market

* Please refer to the attached materials for graph materials

The market in 2018 is expected to increase by 9.4% to 224.8 billion yen. In recent years, in addition to self-care services targeted at individuals, entrants have been actively developing services for corporations, which has led to the development of new demand. The background of the market expansion is that companies are increasingly interested in maintaining and improving the health of their employees due to government-led work style reforms, promotion of health management, and mandatory stress checks. There has been a growing movement to actively introduce.

By sector, health management services are driving market expansion. The use of each target item has been increasing in recent years due to the compliance with related laws and the increase in outsourcing utilization due to labor shortage. Above all, the market size of the welfare agency service is large, and companies are focusing on welfare as a means of securing human resources and reducing the turnover rate, and demand is expected to increase in the future. Mental health services are also growing as a result of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare mandating stress checks.

The market for health information measurement and treatment devices is expanding due to rising consumer awareness of health and beauty, an increase in entrants, an expanded lineup by launching low-priced products and an increase in product awareness. I have. By product type, stress meters, AGE (end glycation end product) meters, wear-type terminals (smart clothing), body odor meters, smart toothbrushes are tools that measure health indicators in the body area that have not been focused on until now. Are expected to grow in the future because consumers are gaining more attention.

Featured testing / medical examination services are services that allow users to conduct examinations / medical examinations at home or in stores. In recent years, companies and health insurance unions have been increasing the number of cases in which companies and health insurance unions have introduced services to provide services to employees and union members as one of the measures to promote employee health. In addition, tools for sales promotion campaigns and cases where local governments use them as residents’ services are increasing.

Health platform and lifestyle improvement support services are growing due to the emergence of mobile apps and an increase in entrants. In the future, it is expected that services will be introduced for the purpose of health management to promote employee health, reduction of medical expenses by the health insurance union, and improvement of working environment. In particular, growth is expected in health management portal services / health point / mileage services, diet / meal management services, and sleep improvement services.


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